Country Fair

Saturday last, exhibited at the Cardiff Country Fair held within the walls of Cardiff castle. What a setting for a show!! Although a little apprehensive at first, as I’ve never exhibited at such an event, it turned out to be a great weekend and I managed to sell a few paintings which put the icing on the turrets. The weather was good, food great and an eclectic mix of bands playing throughout. Received some great feedback and met a couple of very cute Alpaca’s, who apparently are not to be messed with if assigned the task of protecting your flock at night.

There’s a huge difference between the reaction you’re going to get from showing the actual painting, compared to a jpg or printed image which looses so much in translation. Struck me that it would be a good idea to show like this on a fairly regular basis. Exposure being the objective and it’s so satisfying watching someone staring, transfixed at a work that I have toiled over, knowing that somehow it is stirring an emotion within them on a very visceral level. Of course, you also get the occasional person pulling an expression like they’ve just swallowed a bug… but that’s all part of the fun! :)… the way you gauge your potential market.


Life Drawing

Life Drawing!!.. when will it get easier??. There’s a certain meditative state that the sheer level of concentration forces you to enter.. little room left at the inn for idle thoughts… leaves me exhausted but extremely content.


Sunset on Pebble Beach

I spend a lot of time with my head in the clouds… taking photographs and generally feeling inspired and awed in equal measures.. last evening was stunning. This was taken from The Knap’s pebble beach, Barry. The view looks towards the headland of Fontygary which has featured in a few of my paintings to date. I lived on this beach for a while and the extreme change in mood, especially during winter, is often spectacular.

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